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As Told to Alex. We will discuss how to cite sources in this course; please refer also to A Short Guide chapter 13 pp. write my term paper work Outline as well if you want. All exercises, drafts, and final versions of essays should be submitted through the course Canvas website in either Word preferred or pdf.

This course is divided into two units in which you will write short exercises, then drafts of essays, and then full revisions of those essays. Grading I will grade only the final version of each essay, but I will comment on each first draft. help on research paper how to outline template microsoft word For you to Access frequently:

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A good dictionary—not a pocket-sized but a college-edition dictionary. We will devote some class time to what constitutes plagiarism and steps to avoid dishonest use of sources, and you will be required early in the semester to take the two online tutorials offered by the Extension School on the subject: Please be sure to get the right edition 5 th:

As Told to Alex. Student responsibility You are responsible for understanding Harvard Extension School policies on academic integrity and how to use sources responsibly. Academic paper writing course outline Compare 2 versions of Rodriguez Additional Assignment: Borzoi chapter and exercises on Plurals and Possessives. You will develop and write preliminary response papers and drafts, for which you will receive feedback.

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Sanctions may include an RQ grade for the course—a permanent failing grade on your transcript—and suspension for 1 academic year. Compare 2 versions of Rodriguez Additional Assignment: Borzoi chapter and exercises on Plurals and Possessives. write my paper apa style to cite If you are absent from class without valid excuse more than twice, you risk being excluded from and failing the course. To get the most you can out of the course, you need to make each draft a complete, full-length essay that is, a piece of writing with a beginning, a middle, and an end with a controlling thesis, solid structure, and supporting evidence.

Licensed electronic resources are accessible from most computers within Harvard libraries or remotely by using a Harvard ID number and PIN. Students suspected of academic dishonesty are subject to review and disciplinary action by the Administrative Board for University Extension. legal research and writing help For this course, please use the MLA in-text citation style. We will use this text throughout the semester. You may phone me or email me.

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Harvard Extension School expects students to understand and maintain high standards of academic integrity. Because the text is densely printed, I recommend printing on one side of the page only. Academic paper writing course outline Do not, intentionally or unintentionally, incorporate facts, ideas, or specific language taken from another source without citation.

Because the text is densely printed, I recommend printing on one side of the page only. Be sure your technology is in good working order and that you keep your work backed up on a thumbdrive or such. Academic paper writing course outline You can add any other comments, notes, or thoughts you have about the course structure, course policies or anything else.

Canvas maintains all submissions which will make up a portfolio of your work for this course. Writing courses at Harvard are rigorous and move along at a quick and steady pace. Academic paper writing course outline Together as a class, we will explore specific writing issues and challenges common to college writing assignments. Key concepts of academic argument—such as thesis , motive , evidence , and structure —will be introduced and reviewed; you will also learn strategies for reading and analyzing complex texts.

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